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1. PHD in Applied Linguistics (translation) 2003 Lyon 2 University, Lyon, France (very honorable).

2. Master degree in French Applied Linguistic 1997, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria.

3. Linguistics diploma 1988, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria.

4. Translation diploma 1983, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria.

5. B.A. French Literature 1982, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria.



   Translation in Arabic of two books for the Ministry of Culture:

   a literary French book entitled: les Ecrivains Italiens d'aujourd'hui / François Livi.

   a Spanish stories entitled: El huésped de las nieves / Rafael Sachéz Ferlosio – Tres pájaros de cuenta / Miguel Delibes.

   A manuscript translated from French of a novel entitled "Djinn" / Alain Robbe – Grillet.

   Research for the UNESCO about: “ The silk in Syria ” Scholarship: March 1992

   April 1993. This book was published in Arabic and French in the Ministry of Culture 1996.

   Tranlation in arabic of a french play written by Jean-Claude Briseville: “ Le souper ”, Beyrouth, Nilson, 1999.

   Translation in arabic of plays written by Nathalie Sarraute, and “ Tropismes ”, Damascus, Ministry of Culture, 1999.

   Translation in french of some poems written by Mahmoud Darwish in the (Jidariyyah).

   Translation in arabic of 9/11 written by Noam Chomsky, Damascus, Dar al-Fikr, 2003.



   Translation in arabic of a french article written by Elza Gomez-Ambert (Langues des homme et langues des femmes), Damascus, al-Adab al-Ajnabiyya, n° 81-82, 1995.

   Translation in arabic of a spanish article written by Miguel de Unamuno (El canto de las aguas eternas), Damascus, al-Adab al-Ajnabiyya, n° 84, 1995.



1. Teacher of Syrian dialect and French language in "CCF" – Damascus 1990-1997.

2. Teacher of Syrian dialect "IFEAD" – Damascus 1994-1995/Summer 1998-1999.

3. Teacher of library science in French 1986-1988, Damascus University.

4. Teacher of French language in ILFA Laboratory 1984-1986, Damascus University.

5. Libarian in National Library (Al-Assad) 1984-1990, Damascus, Syria.

6. Sworn translator (Arabic – French – Spanish).

7. Teacher of arabic standard language.

8. Lectures about ( Silk in Syria) with UNESCO in Aleppo in September 1994, in Xi’an (China) in November 2002.

9. Lectures about (Silk in Syria) at CERVANTES in Damascus (2000-2001) with exhibition of syrian silk samples.


-         Participation in the first international Conference in Teaching Arabic as a second language,27-29 May 2004,TAFL, Damascus University (Syria):”The role of pedagogic translation in teaching Arabic as a second language:problems and proposed solutions.